Book review: Managing in the Next Society by Peter Drucker

What effect will the ageing population have on the nature of the corporation? In what ways can management source, cultivate and retain knowledge workers? Who are knowledge workers anyway?

In a collection of short essays Peter Drucker tries to answer these and many other questions, in what I found to be a very interesting book. What I find most unique is  the historical reference in which he is able to make his arguments. There is an assumption that the digital revolution is unprecedented and in many ways it is, but Ducker makes a convincing argument that it has a precedent in the revolution brought about by the railroads in 1829.

Also enlightening are his views on what it is going to take for corporate, government and community based organizations to create urban societies that allow people to develop a sense of fulfillment given the dislocated and highly mobile nature of a new work culture.

What is worth noting is that economies are changing from manufacturing driven to knowledge based economies. And this is very clear if we take a look at the quintessential manufacturing process – car manufacturing.


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