mysysgit git error – Permission denied (publickey)

I was trying to push some changes to GitHub using mysysgit and kept getting this “Permission denied” error. The problem was with my public keys. I changed my email address when I set –

git config “emailaddress”

Clever, I know :] Anyway, so what I did to get around it was –

  • go into – C:Usersusername.ssh
  • If there’s a file there called ‘’ or ‘id_rsa’ delete both of them. If there isn’t no worries.
  • Next right click on the folder of your git repository and select ‘Git GUI here’
  • Select Help > Show SSH key
  • This should be empty and what we want to do here is click generate key
  • Follow the prompts until you get your public key
  • Click copy to clipboard
  • What we want to do now is save this public key on our GitHub account. So go to your Account Settings on GitHub and select the public keys link
  • Click add public key and give it some meaningful name. I used the user identifier after the ‘==’

I hope that works for you and saves you some time. Live long and prosper.


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