Yet Another X-Platform Framework …from your mobile service provider

Unify (Dun dun dun!) combines Adobe Air, Phone Gap, Sass and QooxDoo.

The most interesting thing for me is that it’s written by Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile. Yes, how many T-Mobiles do you know?) And Vodafone have come up with a widget library called JIL also based on open standards. I heard about Vodafone’s offering at the AJAX meet-up in London 2 weeks ago. Vodafone’s special sauce add to the mix is the ability to do cross-platform testing via Perfecto Mobile. I am told it’s like logging into a video camera looking at a mobile device running your app. That sounds cool right?

Both Deutsche Telecom and Vodafone are members of the Wholesale Application Community (WAC – I kid you not, the truth is better than fiction) that includes NTT DoCoMo and China Mobile among others. Unfortunately Google has not joined yet 😉

So, would you use a framework built by your mobile service provider?


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