Synchronize vim using Dropbox

If you don’t know what Dropbox is, where have you been? Here’s how I use Dropbox to synchronize my vim installation on Windows XP at work and Windows 7 at home. If you don’t know what vim is, don’t worry about it. Maybe this tip will help you install something cool and keep your settings across your operating system(s).

  • Get a compatible version for the operating systems you will be running it on gvim73_46.exe is working on Windows XP and 7
  • Install into root Dropbox directory using the default settings. I did this first on Windows XP but you don’t have to. Vim will create a directory tree like Vim<vim version>
  • Migrate your vim settings into new Vim directory in Dropbox into respective locations e.g. copy over _vimrc from “Vim” directory of old vim installation and
    from “Vim<old version>” copy over plugins and colors folders
  • Install Vim on other operating system – in my case Windows 7 but don’t copy over the Vim files. I just wanted vim registered on Windows. I unchecked anything that said “create” but left features that would register Vim on this OS.


    installing gvim - my settings

    installing gvim to Dropbox root

    vim running my settings from Windows XP on Windows 7


    If you have problems with your settings not being in sync make sure that you are executing the vim executable out of your Dropbox folder.


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